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Veneer in Veneer


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Construction Veneer in Veneer, a variety of over 100 different species of wood combinations possible. Combinations with coloured fillers provide an additional attraction. The construction Padouk/Birke shows manually figured Birch veneer stripes along imbedded in real Padouk face-veneer. Every board is unique, every board a distinctive individual item. By the use of the technique veneer in veneer even abnormal veneer breaks will be enclosed through the face veneer.

Because of the force of production small open areas can arise, which are given the surface a new look. Alternatively these areas can be cemented comprehensive and therefore sealed.

Product measures:

  • New Veneers will be offered on various cores.
  • Specially cores of plywood and MDF are proved themselves.
  • Standard dimension: 2500 x 1250 mm
  • Standard thickness: 4 – 38 mm

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