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Lightweight Boards


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How you perceive a wood product does not just depend on the design or surface finish. The characteristics of the core material arouse certain feelings too. To satisfy a range of varied needs, Thermopal offers different core boards. A lot of the Thermopal core boards can be used to design the room with exactly the properties you intend it to have. Especially for circumstances where weight has to be kept to a minimum, Thermopal developed cores with lightweight properties.

Photos at the left show(from top downwards):
Solid PU foam board: Thin solid PU foam board with very low weight.
Plywood super light: The core of this blockboard consists of albasia with a dovetailed middle layer. The board is faced with a veneer surface. Thanks to its high lengthwise and crosswise bending strength, it fulfils high standards.
Plastic honeycomb board: This lightweight board is moisture-resistant with high distortion and bending strength together with high pressure and breakage resistance.
Paper honeycomb board with HDF top: Decorative paper honeycomb board faced with HDF. This non locking lightweight board in corrugated ridge honeycomb design is faced with HDF so that common fitting and connecting systems can be used.

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