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The panel looks like a naturally veneered surface despite the inclusion of the micro perforated finish. When you get close to the panel the perforations are almost invisible. The sound absorption of the panel is extremely high given the fact that the open area of the material is just 5,7 %.

The impressive absorption figures are achieved when Rondolo is installed directly to the substrate without an air gap being introduced. This is important when much space is not available. If an air gap can be incorporated the absorption figures can be improved significantly especially at the low frequencies.

One square metre of this material contains at least 294’000 tiny perforations with a diameter of just 0,5 mm. Veneer sequencing is available on request so that both reflecting and absorbing panels can be produced in matching veneer. The Rondolo panels are easy to install. They can be fixed using a metal hat profile, screwed to either a wood-batten or metal frame sub-construction.

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