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Liquid Glass


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A nano-scale liquid glass coating that can be applied to a range of surfaces. The coating originated from the architectural industry where it was originally developed for anti-graffiti applications. It is now used in a variety of industries including food processing, catering, automotive, textile industry and agriculture.

The coating results in a super-hydrophobic layer that resists the formation of dirt and makes surfaces easier to clean, and that the ion-exchange mechanism in Nanopool prevents bacterial growth.

Product Properties
– No negative influence on the “look”, colour or texture of the fibre
– Long-lasting and heat tolerant -150C to +450C
– Enormous scouring resistance, durable and withstands abrasion.
– Simple application process easy to apply via DIY spray or dipping
– Odourless
– Short drying time
– High efficiency -resists acid, alkali, and solvents.
– Particle free (no dangerous nano particles)
– Non-corrosive and non-irritating ( cell neutral /suitable for in-vivo application)
– Protection from all soiling
– Breathable ( allows diffusion) non-hazardous and skin-friendly
– Ecologically sound, ultra low carbon footprint
– Washable up to 60 °C
– ready to use
– Alsa available in a Anti- microbial & bacterial variety.

Material Properties