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UHPC Facade Panels


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These 9mm thin, Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) facade panels were produced for the Kunststiftung Sachsen Anhalt, located in Halle, Germany.

G.tecz Engineering, together with AHM Architects and the Digital Design Lab at the Architecture Faculty of Kassel, produced more than 400 of these filigree facade panels for this project. The facade surface is approximately 130 square meters and shows an impressive relief that was originally created by artist Judith Runge, and re-designed as part of the production process.

UHPC by G.tecz Engineering is produced with local raw materials and is both extremely durable and sustainable. A 56% reduction in raw materials – along with a 30% saving in energy – could be made by selecting UHPC for construction projects.

This material can also been used for design-objects and interior design applications.

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