Ultra Lightweight Concrete


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G.tecz is a research and development company focused on the innovation of cement bonded, high-tech materials for use in the construction industry. Some of their concrete innovations include:

Lightweight, Foamed and Aerogel Concretes:

Foamed concrete, filled concrete, high-tech concrete and an ultra-lightweight Aerogel concrete made with aerogel powder or granulate are some of the lightweight concrete solutions offered by G.tecz. These concrete technologies are based on the Quantz concrete system and offer sustainable, cost-effective and high performance materials – based on your own raw materials. These materials additionally demonstrate excellent thermal insulation properties and can be adapted depending upon the mechanical properties, workability and application desired.

Acoustic Concrete:

G.tecz have also developed an open-structured concrete that can reduce sound up to 11dB without any additional insulation or air gaps. This material meets all the required specifications for industrial series production.

An R&D Company:

As a research and development company, G.tecz offers a range of custom services including raw-material characterization, concrete development and optimization, development of cement bonded high-tech materials, production line development, certification and testing – along with strategy and business development for new concrete innovations.

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