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The highly advanced compound material lisocore® is material-efficient, state-of-the art, high-performance and owes its properties to its unique structure. It comprises at least two thin surface layers connected by a three-dimensional core. Selective milling of the surface layers creates indentations into which the core structure is form-fitted. Positive material connection is ensured by means of high-strength bonding. lisocore® is therefore form-fitted and material-bonded.

The patented basic structure with decisive effects:

  • Their form-fitted, material-bonded and resilient connection prevents displacement of the individual layers relative to each other under bending loads.
  • The shell framework absorbs applied forces with particular efficiency, ensuring an exceptionally high load-bearing effect.
  • Loads no longer have to be absorbed exclusively by the bonding of the individual compound elements. This means that each element of the bonding can be subjected to loads up to its specific physical limits.
  • The extremely thin design of the shell framework and minimum use of adhesives make lisocore® extremely material-efficient and resource-saving.

Its special structure and enormous adaptability give lisocore® good properties. lisocore® also offers all the advantages of lightweight construction.


  • low net weight
  • optimised load-bearing effect
  • high compound strength
  • high resistance to bending
  • high dimensional stability
  • low thickness tolerance
  • high edge stability
  • PEFC- and FSC-certified.

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