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Lisocore is a material-efficient, high performance construction material. Its structure consists of at least two thin cover layers that are bonded together by a three-dimensional pressed core structure. Selective milling of the cover layers creates recesses where the core structure finds a positive fit for a form-closed bond. A high-strength adhesive also ensures an adhesive bond.

Thanks to the unyielding form-closed and adhesive bonding, the individual structure layers cannot slide against each other when bending loads are applied. The shell structure absorbs intervening forces, so that an extremely high load-carrying action is achieved. The extremely thin shell structure design and the minimal use of adhesives ensures that Lisocore is material-efficient and resource-saving.

Variations in the composition of the core structure can be used to in influence the technical properties of Lisocore in a targeted way. There are currently ten different core heights available for the manufacture of all established panel thicknesses up to 120 mm. Low-distortion and inherently stable wood-based cover layers can be processed, with materials such as fibreboard, chipboard, and veneer plywood, both coated and uncoated. Diverse coating materials such as HPL, CPL, film, lacquer, and veneer are also possible.

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