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The Bio-SIP™ Sustainable Modular Building System, a solution set to transform the landscape of small dwelling and structure construction. Manufactured exclusively from recycled plastic and natural materials, this innovative system utilises rapidly renewable natural fibres like hemp or flax, capable of sequestering an impressive 160% of their weight in CO2 emissions.

The Bio-SIP™ is a comprehensive solution, seamlessly integrating insulation, structural integrity, weather resistance, and airtightness, all within a single 1.2m x 2.4m panel. Remarkably, it attains the coveted Passivhaus standard while maintaining a sleek profile, with a thickness of only 250mm.

Notably, the Bio-SIP™ stands out for its user-friendly design. Its innovative construction allows even semi-skilled workers to efficiently assemble a small building within a matter of days. With a lightweight profile of 42kg per sheet at 150mm thick (u-value of 0.18), it is easily manageable by a team of two individuals. This feature proves advantageous, especially in scenarios where heavy machinery may be unavailable or impractical during construction.

In essence, the Bio-SIP™ is more than a building system; it is a sustainable and versatile solution that not only meets rigorous construction standards, but also offers a swift and accessible means of erecting vital structures, particularly in emergency situations.
This is a new era of eco-friendly construction with the Bio-SIP™ Sustainable Modular Building System.

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