Biobased SIP building system


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Queenels Europe introduces a Modular and Circular Prefab Building System based on biobased SIPs (Structural Insulated Panel System). The SIPs consists of biobased insulation material and an inner- and outershell of OSB/3. The panel can be used for walls and roofs.

The biobased insulation is made from sugar beet and sugar cane. As the building system has structural strength, it replaces traditional timber / steel / concrete constructions.

Through the biobased materials, Queenels realizes a negative CO2 footprint (-40 Co2-eq per m2). By building with the structural elements, you can build 50% quicker and 40% cheaper than traditional building methods. With the biobased SIP panels, the construction can last for more than 100 years, but it also supports circular construction solutions. These panels offer the flexibility of being reused or, if desired, they can be biologically degraded.

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