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SEAWEED FOAM is a bio-foam material that can be used for a new type of home-compostable packaging products.

The material is home compostable, because it’s made of only seaweed and water. The extraction of the resources required for the production of the packaging does not compete with inhabited and cultivated land areas, which are very important for growing food resources. The primary material for this packaging is derived from renewable marine resources and seaweed waste in coastal regions.

The SEAWEED FOAM material is created to function as a secondary packaging, cushioning or packing peanuts, but it can be used for backpack & helmet paddings or to replace other synthetic styrofoam products.

SEAWEED FOAM packaging reduces plastic pollution, offers a renewable resource, and promotes carbon isolation. Its biodegradability minimizes environmental impact, supports coastal communities, and aligns with circular economy principles. This innovation raises consumer awareness, fostering a shift towards more sustainable packaging material choices.

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