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LOVR is the true leather alternative that consists of 100% plant material and has a minimal ecological footprint. The textile looks and feels like leather. The single layer structure allows for dyeing and a variety of colours. LOVR is also malleable and non-abrasive.

The unique composition technology allows the product to be fully recycled. The textile is also biodegradable and is free of chemicals and plastic. LOVR’s manufacturing process requires only 0.3% of the CO2 emissions used in leather production.

The production of LOVR is based on a regional circular economy. LOVR’s manufacturing is carried out from residues of hemp cultivated in Germany. The plant is primarily grown for medicinal and nutritional purposes. LOVR takes care of the by-products.

The manufacturing process of LOVR enables a continuous production on existing machinery. This technology transfer allows the use of existent plants and processes optimized for cost and energy efficiency. The result is a textile that requires neither a substrate nor a coating, and therefore offers customers many benefits in terms of variability and processability.

LOVR is sustainable and the technology behind its manufacturing is scalable. It is the possibility for change in the textile industry.

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