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- story by MaterialDistrict

OurCarbon Black is a pigment made from organic waste that was diverted from landfill. OCB is made in a passive process that fixes, or sequesters, the biogenic carbon in organics. Organic material breaks down as methane in landfill conditions. Diverting organic material from ending up in landfill to create OurCarbon Black avoids significant greenhouse gas emissions. For every 1 ton of OCB produced from typical US landfill, over 10 tons of CO2 emissions are prevented from entering our atmosphere.

OCB can be used in a myriad of applications as a black or gray pigment. It is currently commercially available as a polymer masterbatch pigment, a pigment for screen printing inks, a botanical style textile dye, a colorant for 3D printing filament, and as a wood stain pigment.

OurCarbon Black has the potential to replace a chemical pigment known as Carbon Black in many applications. Carbon Black is a ubiquitous chemical that’s in everything from your favorite black shirt, to your laptop keyboard, and even in every car tire on the road. This material is made by burning petrol and collecting the soot produced in the process; for every 1 ton of Carbon Black produced, there are 3 tons of CO2e emitted. Replacing Carbon Black with OurCarbon Black further avoids greenhouse gas emissions and changes ‘business as usual’ emissions.

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