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OurCarbon is a carbon based material made from organic waste that was diverted from landfill and transformed. OC is made in a passive process that fixes, or sequesters, the biogenic carbon in this organic material. Had the organic material gone to landfill it would have broken down as methane, a greenhouse gas 80x more efficient at warming our planet than carbon dioxide. The combined sequestered carbon and avoided landfill emissions add up to over 10 tons of CO2e emissions being prevented for every 1 ton of OC produced.

When used as a replacement for a portion of sand in a structural concrete mix the combination of embodied carbon and emissions prevented by OurCarbon’s production can neutralize the carbon footprint of the rest of the ingredients. In June of 2022 OurCarbon was utilized within structural concrete in a building project in Oregon, USA. This project marked the first commercial use of a carbon neutral structural concrete in North America.

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