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Formica Door Collection – a manufacturer you can stand behind
Opening new doors for architects and designers looking to specify a practical solution for interior doors, Formica Group launches a refreshed range of designs with its Formica Door Collection.

The Formica Door Collection brings an extensive selection of new eye-catching patterns, tactile textures, and an array of colours to meet the design demands of modern environments. The introduction of 27 new decors, 30 colours in Linewood surface finish and 3 magnetic surfaces, in addition to the already existing 120 colours, 45 woods designs and 18 patterns, brings the total Collection to 186 decors.

Sheet sizes
The variety of sheet sizes available provides architects and designers with the freedom and flexibility to incorporate a mix of standard and bespoke door sizes specific to the needs of the project. The Formica Door Collection is just as suitable for specification in hospital or educational environments, where often wider and taller doors are required, as the Collection is to hospitality, office and retail settings.

Available in 4 sheet sizes as standard, doors are available in the following dimensions: 2150x950mm, 2350x950mm, 2350x1300mm, and 3050x1300mm

Behind closed doors
The inherent properties of Formica High Pressure Laminate means the Formica Door Collection is highly resistant to stains, impact, scratches and moisture, is easy to maintain, hygienic and FSC Certified across the complete range. The result is a Collection offering a strength and durability that ensures the beauty of the door remains intact over time, providing an alternative solution to wood, glass, composite, and PVC.

Knock on wood
As a response to today’s digital age, authenticity and a return to essential and simple materials is currently on-trend in interior design. The result is a greater demand for aesthetic that incorporates nature and biophilic design as designers look to bring the great outdoors to interiors.

Colour and patterns
Hand in hand with a return to nature, eco-themed designs are equally in vogue.
Calming woods are being juxtaposed with earthy tones and patterns to create organic and nature-inspired environments.

Opening the door to your imagination
Formica Group has also introduced Younique by Formica Group to the new Door range, opening up unlimited potential to create customised visuals for personalised interiors or to incorporate signage and brand identity within the fabric of the door itself.

Smart doors with magnetism
When is a door not just a door? When it is also a smart surface. The introduction of three magnetic laminates, including Diamond Black, to the Formica Door Collection adds a fun yet practical touch to the latest generation of decorative laminate.

Formica Group’s magnetic laminate transforms surfacing so that it not only has a magnetic effect but can also be used as a communication tool since it can be written on with chalk or special board markers.

Light my fire
The Formica Door Collection meets UK and European Fire Doors and Building Regulations.

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