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The Greenful Panel, Greenful’s flagship product, is a strong, load-bearing construction panel made from 100% recycled textile and plastic waste*. The panels can be used in internal or external construction, flooring, roofing, near foundations, in furniture, and packaging. It comes in standard sizes such as 240 x 120 cm and thickness 1 – 3 cm for any construction need. One panel recycles 8kg of textile & 5kg of plastic waste!

The panel is made from 100%* recycled waste materials:

  • 50% textile waste, including all types of natural and synthetic fabrics, no sorting is needed!
  • 35% recycled plastic waste
  • Other additives to increase strength, fire retardants and colour compounds
    * Other additives are not made from recycled materials

The panel can be used in interior and exterior construction in place of wood, plastic and metal panels, as load bearing walls, flooring, outside sheeting, roofing, foundations, and many other applications. The panel is waterproof, mould proof, does not swell or crack and is highly durable.

Performance of the panel is superior to high grades of wood panels such as OSB, LVL and plywood, while at competitive prices. The panel can be sawed, cut, drilled, painted, and nailed just like any wood panel.


  • Manufacturing the panel releases ZERO pollution into the air or ground
  • No toxic or hazardous chemicals are used
  • No water is used
  • No waste from production
  • No chance for industrial accidents
  • Low energy use, only electricity is needed
  • CO2 footprint is lower than other building materials (see chart below)
  • The Greenful Panel is 100% recyclable at the end of life

Greenful panel data is per LCA study and includes CO2 saved by not incinerating textile waste.

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