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Vuré Noir


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- story by Houthandel van Dam


Vuré Noir is a wood developed by Houthandel van Dam. It concerns thermally modified spruce. The spruce that is used for Vuré Noir facade cladding is Northern European spruce. The thermal modification produces a very durable wood in durability class 2. This makes it suitable for outdoor applications such as facade cladding.

​​​​​​​Vuré Noir facade cladding has a beautiful warm brown colour due to the treatment method. It gives extra appearance due to the knots and the flame pattern that characterizes Vuren. From an aesthetic point of view, the facade cladding is often sawn or brushed on the visible side.​​​

The origin of Vuré Noir facade cladding
Spruce is naturally not very durable. In general, it is more often used for indoor applications. The thermal modification process that is used at Vuré Noir ensures that the wood is heated to a temperature of 210 degrees in an oxygen-poor room. This changes the composition and structure of the wood. This in turn ensures that a considerably more durable wood is created after this process. After treatment, the spruce has durability class 2. This means that it can be used untreated outdoors. In addition to being more durable, the wood is also considerably lighter and more dimensionally stable.

Vuré Noir cladding PEFC certified
The spruce wood that Houthandel van Dam use for Vuré Noir facade cladding comes from Northern European forests that are PEFC certified. This responsible forest management ensures that the survival of these forests is guaranteed, which is of great importance against climate change because growing trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.​​​​​

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