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Vingui Noir


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Vingui Noir is a wood product developed by Houthandel van Dam. It concerns Movingui that is thermally modified. This modification creates a very durable wood product that falls into durability class 1.

​​​​​​​In addition, it is also very dimensionally stable. Vingui Noir can be used for several outdoor applications, but is mainly used for facade cladding. The Movingui we use comes from FSC certified forests.​​​​

The thermal modification process at Vingui Noir
During thermal modification, the Movingui is brought to a temperature of 212 degrees Celsius. After this, it is slowly balanced by means of steam. This process ensures that the cell structure of the wood changes and the durability significantly improves. This also makes it more shape-retaining. A major advantage of this method of sustainability is that it does not require environmentally harmful resources. The wood is also thoroughly preserved. This means that processing has no negative effect on the durability of the wood.​​​​​

Vinqui Noir can be modified in any desired model. The range includes a number of standard models. Custom models can also be made on request. After planing the Vingui Noir, a very smooth surface is created. Fine sawn is also an option. You can also finish with a non-film-shaped stain. Due to the high durability, no treatment is necessary. Untreated, this wood will eventually age.​​​​​​​

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