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LUCEM Label is a light transmitting concrete, translucent concrete. An interesting kind of translucent concrete with a defined pattern layout of the light transmitting fibres. The optical fibres are arranged in small points all over the panel in which a fine concrete is casted. Together a translucent concrete material is formed.
If required, the light transmitting fibres can be arranged in logos,
names or icons – a guarantee for an individual and distinctive appearance.
Unique prints can be produced, which can be delivered as single-
piece production, as small or big series. Entrance or guidance
signs but also functional facades can be designed.
From this individual light transmitting concrete wall panels and floor tiles can be made. It is available in standard size 1,2 x 0,6 x 1,5 m and three standard colors (white, grey and black). Individual sizes are available upon request.

All translucent concrete elements are provided with a water-repellent impregnation.
The wall installation of LUCEM Label panels can be made with facade anchors. For the installation as floor tiles a bearing substructure has to be provided for, which leaves enough free space for the placement of the light sources underneath the tiles. A freestanding installation requires a frame-like fixing of the panels.

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