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LUCEM Line light transmitting concrete, translucent concrete is a material made of optical fibres and concrete. Textiles made of small optical glass fibres with 70 microns diameter and a selected fine concrete matrix are put together layer by layer. It is a precast concrete material manufactured to the specific requirements of individual design projects. Because only mineral materials (glass fibres, cement, and sand) are used in the composition of this material, the translucent concrete is impervious to heat, cold an UV-rays. It is available in standard size 1,2 x 0,6 x 1,5 m and three standard colors (white, grey and black). Individual sizes are available upon request.
With LUCEM Line different light transmitting concrete elementes can be made. For examples: translucent wall claddings, floor tiles, bricks, table tops and even basins for bath room applications. All the translucent conrete elements made are provided with a water-repellent impregnation.
The wall installation can be made with facade anchors. For the installation as floor plates a bearing substructure has to be provided for, which leaves enough free space for the placement of the light sources underneath the elements. A freestanding installation requires a frame-like fixing of the thin elements.

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