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Ceramic bricks of high quality with a 60 to 80 micron thick metal layer on the outside. The bricks can be made with 5 types of metal layers; copper, brass, aluminium, iron and steel. The metal is sprayed on and completely binds with the brick. The layer of the various metals react to the outdoor environment just like the full metal panels would do. Metals like copper and brass patinate naturally and iron has a rusty look and feel, without bleeding. The toughness of the metal layer is the same as the metal itself. Softer for copper and tough for steel. At present they are working on a coating that will also enable to fixate the type of shine or patina which can be preserved for at least 5 to 10 years.
Characteristics of the basic bricks ; Low water abortion, Very frost resistant, Exact sizing, Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Characteristics of the basic brick ; low water abortion, high frost resistance and exact sizing. Metalbrick is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The bricks can be used as; complete metal wall, accent within the walls, metal accents in brick street pavements or roof tiles/slates with a metal top layer.
Standard size “Dutch waal formaat” 210 / 100 / 50 mm. Other brick sizes can be made on demand.
Metalbrick results from a cooperation BH Keramiek BV and Burex Europe BV. The latter originally designed the metal layers for in and outdoor ceramic tiles whereby BH Keramiek BV distributes durable ceramic building products.
Samples can only be produced in relation to specific projects”

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