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Luminous Glass


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- story by MaterialDistrict

The invention of this material is basically luminous float glass through the usage of luminous pigments. These pigments are silk-screened on the back of the float glass, although spraying is also possible. The photo luminous pigments are loaded by (UV) light. The loaded energy will be emitted in a dark environment through a optically perceptible luminous surface.

The maximum size of the float glass is 2250x4200mm, thicknesses between 5 and 19mm. This standard glass is extra clear, hardened and mass coloured green or blue. The pigments come in two basic variations: yellow (turning green) and light blue (turning gaudy blue), other colours are on request. The pigments can be painted in a pattern or custom design, also multicoloured. Besides float glass, other glasses are also possible, for example isolation glass, stratified glass and curved glass. Even other materials like plastics can be painted with the luminous pigments.

Applications are: facades, roofs, floors, tiles (floor and wall), ceilings, inner walls, furniture, counter-tops etc.

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