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Majestic Gemstone is specialized in manufacturing, through a unique process, surfaces and end products made of inlaid semi-precious stones and fossils.

The stones are traditionally used in the jewellery industry and should have a positive energy effect on their surroundings. Majestic Gemstone purchases its quality rough stones from all over the world. The material is carefully hand selected per quality of colour, size and texture and then manually cut and processed into a home design application. The result is a rich, original, beautiful and everlasting product which is practically maintenance free: scratch/stain/heat resistant and non-oil absorbent. The minerals that are translucent can be combined with lighting to achieve a final unique touch.

The photos at the left are showing, from top downwards:
– Blue Agate (back lighted)
– Golden Caramel
– Tiger Eye
– Carnelian (back lighted)

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