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Carpet tiles from 2tec2 are designed for long and intensive use thanks to the material they are made from: a glass fibre core coated with vinyl and finished with a homogeneous backing. Thanks to its unique composition, this flooring is resistant to wear and adheres to the highest quality standards. For high traffic locations, 2tec2 delivers all the advantages of woven vinyl – durability, hygiene and chemical, water and stain resistance – combined with the appeal of woven textiles As part of the vinyl tiles collection, the Seamless Tiles (ST) are really one of a kind: when fitted in a uni-directional pattern, these floor tiles have the sleek, unbroken appearance of a wall-to-wall floor covering.

The name of the Lustre collection stems from the mineralogical term describing the way light bounces off minerals, crystals & rocks and creates a constantly changing appearance. Next to its original, refined pattern, Lustre has the remarkable characteristic that its appearance changes drastically depending on one’s position and the angle at which the light strikes the surface. With its texture, colour palette and ever-changing appearance, Lustre offers possibilities for architects and designers in projects as diverse as hotels, offices, retail spaces and even contemporary houses.

This material is Jaquard woven with a material composition of 80% vinyl/20% fibreglass with a backing of vinyl. The total thickness is ISO 1765 3.3 mm/0.13″ and the total weight is ISO8543 4500 g/m2. The standard tile size is EN 994 50 cm x 50 cm (19.69″ x 19.69″)

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