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Magna Glaskeramik® is a sustainable design product that is made from 100% recycled glass bottles.

Glass ceramics represents one of the latest innovations for the construction industry, architecture and design. It is a material that is made from 100% recycled waste and can be returned to the glass production cycle after use. The use of this material convinces through creative freedom and functionality.

The main advantage of using Glaskeramik® is not only its invaluable contribution to supporting the environment. The designer chooses a unique, exclusive and durable material that is produced under German quality standards.

Kerna offers raw panels – with a maximum dimension of 2800 x 1250 mm (up to 3500 x 1500 mm on request) and a standard thickness of 20 mm (15-40 mm on request) – as well as specially cut panels for any type of object, be it in the interior design sector or as a facade.

Thanks to the innovative technology, they have the know-how, including their own resources, to cover any type of request at any stage of the project. They are also happy to support you with technical advice.

MAGNA Glaskeramik is 100% recyclable.

MAGNA Glaskeramik can be fully used at the end of its life cycle for the recycling to new Glaskeramik or normal glass production. Kerna is commited to take back all Glaskeramik at the end of its life cycle if transport back to the factory makes ecological sense or recommend a local glass recycling facilitiy.

MAGNA Glaskeramik plays an important role in the careful use of natural resources and improvement of the sustainability balance in building projects and design objects. This is an enormously important factor in view of ecological requirements.

In support of the pioneering role played by glass ceramic for sustainably produced materials, Kerna is currently working towards various sustainable certificates for MAGNA Glaskeramik.

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