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NUVI stands for nouvelle vie – a new way of living where beauty and quality go hand in hand with sustainability and values. Based in Germany, NUVI is a material innovator specializing in scalable, plastic-free and 100% bio-based coated textiles. These materials are produced roll-to-roll and made exclusively from regional and abundantly available plants and minerals.

Each collection distinguishes itself by reflecting the unadulterated look and feel of its ingredients, including colour, touch and scent. Rather than emulate conventional materials, NUVI strives to capture the hearts and minds of designers with fresh possibilities and countless stories to tell.

The inaugural collection, CRETA, exemplifies their approach to rethinking coated textiles whilst showcasing a dedication to sustainability at any scale. This innovative coated textile is made from Champagne chalk with a flax backing material. Characterised by its luminosity, CRETA can be dyed in a range of colours.

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