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The Makrofol polycarbonate blend films are engineered films which are used in a variety of markets including automotive; appliance; cards, (security and smart cards); medical; nameplate and labels; packaging; POP (including signage); telecommunications and other hand-held electronics.

Polycarbonate film are clear general purpose film from the thermoplastic polymer family. It can be easily thermoformed and moulded. Polycarbonate film is easy to die-cut and has excellent ink adhesion which makes it a good choice for various applications such as: Instrument panels; trade show displays, membrane switches, control panels, and decals, menu boards, touch panels, labels, nameplates, overlays. They offer excellent light-diffusing characteristics, improved UV and chemical resistance, and other proven properties.

Makrofol DE 1-1 is a clear general purpose polycarbonate film that delivers superior impact and clarity. This standard product offers a gloss surface on both sides and is available in thicknesses from .005″ to .030″. DE 1-1 is supplied with combinations of
cling and stick maskings.

Makrofol LISA polycarbonate film from Bayer MaterialScience AG provides designers with enormous scope for creating plastic parts with a highly unusual and very striking colored light around the edges. The transparent film collects incident light, conveys it to the edges and allows it to emerge there, shining brightly. Molded parts thus exhibit a clearly visible edge lighting that emphasizes their contours.

Makrofol DE 6-2 is a standard transparent polycarbonate film that offers a first surface velvet and a second surface very fine matte. This unique texture offers excellent printing characteristics for critical appliques. Makrofol DE 6-2 is available in thickness from .005” to .030”. Applications: Automotive, Labels, Membrane Switches, Nameplates, Packaging

Makrofol DE 1-4 is a translucent polycarbonate film that combines the clarity of a gloss first surface with the printability of a fine mate second surface. Cost savings relative to glass/gloss films are realized using this product as no masking as supplied in DE 1-4 is standard configuration. Film thickness range from .005’ to .030”. Applications: Automotive, Labels, Membrane Switches, Nameplates

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