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Zero brick is a material which delivers joint-free brickwork without coming into conflict with the basic rules of traditional bricklaying. ZERO has an extra large hollow at the top to which the mortar can be applied. This makes it possible to reduce the joint thickness to 4mm. The bricklayer can simply go about his work with a trowel and ordinary mortar.
Like traditional bricklaying ordinary mortar and traditional tools are used and the method has no additional difficulties.
The Zero format is available in the following colours : Manganese black, Platina, Terra Red, Sepia Parma, Crème, Argentis, Lithium, Livorno, Milano, Safora, Leto, Quartis, Viterbo, Pimenta, Robusta, Marron.
Other colours are also available on request, it requires advance consultation.
# a joint-free appearance
# Ageing of the facade is slowed down
# No excess mortar that might disfigure the outside of the brick gets on the front.
# No special mortar is needed.
# The narrow, open lap-joints provide excellent ventilation of the cavity.
# No special tools are needed.
# No, waterpenetration : it is not possible for rain to penetrate. Furthermore, the facing brick will absorb the rainwater because of its porous structure and will dry out more quickly because of the open structure of a ZERO wall.
# if ZERO bricks are layed carefully, little mortar will be visible.
The need of more bricks per square mtr :
+/- 90 bricks per m²
More Technical details:
Mortar consumption:
Consumption is approximately 45kg/m², obviously depending on the operator.

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