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MedTextra is a smart moisture-management fibre technology for the yarn and fabric industry with unique moisture management and topical drug delivery properties. The material uses the principles of hygroscopy to create a self-moisturising yarn for enhanced delivery of active ingredients. The hydrophilic super-absorbent polymeric yarns have been engineered to house a core that acts as a reservoir for water-soluble active ingredients transported in an aqueous liquid using the theory of ionic mobility.

The yarn has been engineered to house and deliver a wide range of active ingredients from medical to lifestyle and beauty. The technology can be used in a wide range of natural and synthetic fibres and yarns.

The patented “water battery” effect manages moisture by simultaneously shedding excess moisture and holding onto a desired amount of moisture from the body and air as needed to deliver water-soluble active compounds. MedTextra works with compatible topical agents and compounds to provide longer lasting results for the consumer.

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