Inflatable wood


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- story by MaterialDistrict

Inflatable wood is a material consisting veneered panels that can turn from a flat surface into a 3D form or pattern, and back to normal. This material is composed by a non-porous support of variable thickness, an elastic membrane and a side with chiseled wood veneer, plastic, leather or cork.

The panel is combined with a pneumatic apparatus that is programmed to automatically inject and extract air, but it can also work with a manual pumping system. The patterns and the rhythm of the movements are offering a large variety of aesthetic possibilities.

The wood is chiseled in order to allow the rubber to increase in size while it is inflating. This chisels are forming patterns that can be custom designed.

The maximum size of an inflatable zone is of 2000mm x 1000mm and the smallest 30 x 30mm. The maximum inflation size is equal of half the size of the surface. For example, a square of 200mm long can inflate by around 100mm.

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