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MiaCore is an ultra-light composite panel, consisting of an aluminum honeycomb core with on both sides a top layer of glass fibre reinforced epoxy or aluminium. The top layers have a thickness of circa 0.25 mm, total thickness is 10 mm. The size of the cells ranges from 6 to 9 mm. MiaCore is very light weight and has top mechanical performances. The core is fireproof and with very good epoxy adhesives MiaCore serves as a light, rigid base for coverings made of (heavy) materials. It can be covered with materials such as marble, granite and solid surface, but also coverings of wood, veneer, laminate, stone foil et cetera. The composite panel has primarily been developed for the boat building industry and contract interior applications, where very light and rigid support is required is, for example, lightweight walls, furniture, countertops, floors or ceilings.

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