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Micro-Perforation panels for walls or ceilings combine the natural beauty of wood with exceptional acoustic performance, as the sound is absorbed by the surface of micro-perforated wood veneer. Acoustic panels without changing the aesthetics of your milling work.

  • Almost invisible treatment with incredibly high absorption
  • Unperforated edges and customization possible
  • Excellent sound absorption coefficient at all frequencies with our optimized honeycomb technology
  • More than 320,000 perforations per square meter ensure pleasant acoustics for offices up to large halls
  • Test procedures in accordance with DIN13501-1, SBI test method according to DIN EN 13823 and ASTM E 84 (USA)

The almost invisible perforations go unnoticed at normal viewing distances and provide a solid appearance. These high-quality micro-perforated panels can be manufactured flat or curved and installed using various industrial suspension methods. Panels are available in standard or custom sizes.

Micro-Perforation can be integrated into many existing Acoustic Trend product types, such as veneer panels, planks, continuous planks, tongue & groove, wooden baffles and more. Modern architecture and design increasingly use materials such as glass, steel and stone that meet the requirements of more open offices and meeting facilities. These hard surfaces reflect sound and contribute to an increase in sound level and a decrease in productive environments.

Micro-Perforation panels from Acoustic Trend counteract the noise and the unpleasant effects on people and employees. By means of micro-perforation, the sound energy / sound enters through the micro-perforated surface and on the underlying perforated core. Here it is effectively absorbed and transported.

An inner layer and outer layer of acoustic fleece further improves the absorption and reduction of sound vibrations. Ideal for acoustically effective office furniture, partitions, wall and ceiling applications.

Micro-perforation diameters from 0.5 to 1.5 mm. Different perforation patterns on front and back surface available. Non-perforated edge widths can vary independently on all four edges (depending on the perforation).

Technical data
Height / length: up to 4,000 mm (157.5 in)
Width: up to 1,550 mm (61 in)
Standard thickness: 19 mm (0.75 “) and 16 mm (0.63”), optional thicknesses available
Core: Optional in base material
Edge: Micro-perforation panels can have a non-perforated edge or perforate from edge to edge, depending on the design and the selected perforations

Edges: veneer edge with a thickness of 0.6 mm, 1 mm or 2 mm | ABS edging; Tongue and groove edge profiles available Finishing: finely sanded | Two-part catalyzed clear coat. Veneer staining. Custom coloured paint

Material Properties