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MicroLouvre is a solar shading made from a fine mesh, woven from commercial bronze wire, with a formed louvre only two times thicker than a human hair. The louvres are optimally angled to control direct solar transmittance during the hottest days of the year. There are over 700 micro louvres, each only 0.3mm thick x 1.2mm wide, in every meter of mesh, normally coated in protective black polyester for a durable, light absorbing finish, almost eliminating re-reflected sun and light.

MicroLouvre provides full shading at sun angle greater than 40⁰, and 32% shading in the lowest possible angle. It absorbs 92% of the solar radiation. 86% of heat of the sun is blocked, cutting costs of air-conditioning. Air can pass through because of 79% open area, though the screen does not offer wind resistance in excess of 24.41 kg/m2 with a wind velocity of 100 km/hr through the screen.

Outside noise is reduced by 50%, and the screen doubles as a fine insect screen, with at least 17 horizontal wires to the vertical 25mm. It also reduces glare, allowing clear vision from one side and blocking it from the other.

MicroLouvre can be produced in any colour, but black acts as a ‘sponge’, absorbing the light and energy of the sun, which is then dissipated externally.

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