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Smartlouvre is a UK based company that weaves a unique mesh called MicroLouvre™ which is also known as Koolshade. Smartlourve has the only machines in the world capable of creating these materials.

Applications for MicroLouvre™
There is a wide range of ways this incredible material can be used.

Solar Shading
Koolshade and MicroLouvre™ offer high levels of solar protection for buildings. It reduces solar gain by up to 100% and can reduce reliance on air conditioning and cooling by up to 68%.

Lighting Solutions
MicroLouvre™ can be used in lighting to diffuse light for aesthetic reasons as well as glare reduction for lighting and preventing light spill and trespass.

Fire protection
Smartlourve produces fire screens that can help prevent bushfire and wildfire damage to properties. MicroLouvre™ not only provides a metal mesh barrier to stop ash and sparks but reduces heat gain inside buildings which can help mitigate the effect of a fire outside.

Interior Design & Branding
This unique material can be used in a wide range of design ideas from building logos into ceiling and wall designs and creating coloured branded meshes for displays and more.

Facade Restoration
MicroLouvre™ can be used to rejuvenate the outsides of buildings. While this material can vastly improve the look of any building it will also reduce solar gain and prolong the life of the building. It is also hurricane-proof so ideal for buildings that face high winds.

Architectural Glazing
MicroLouvre™ can be used in a range of high-performance glass designs and applications. It can be used to improve aesthetics as well as performance.

Privacy & Security
MicroLouvre™ provides clear outward vision through windows whilst also offering internal privacy. MicroLouvre™ allows light in but prevents people from seeing into the building.

Smartlouvre’s core business lies in the manufacture of a high-performance heat and glare reduction shading system that creates better working and living environments for people in commercial, public and residential buildings, whilst dramatically slashing both air-conditioning running costs and equipment cost.

At Smartlouvre, they are committed to providing truly sustainable and innovative solutions that reduce energy consumption, protect the well-being of occupants and maintain comfort levels.

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