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Microsorber is an innovative sound absorbing system, covering a variety of transparent, translucent and printed foils and acrylic glass panels which reduce reflected sound and reverberation time in buildings.

The high-performance sound insulation effected by Microsorber results from its micro-perforation. The foil and acrylic glass elements have holes measuring between 0.2 and 0.8 mm in diameter. As soon as sound waves strike the Microsorber, a physical reaction takes place; the sound energy is converted into heat through the friction arising at the edges of the holes. This reduces the reverberation times and sound levels significantly.

The principle of transparent sound absorption allows creativity in the (re-)design of buildings where room acoustics play a crucial role. Microsorber can be adapted to rooms and architectural structures individually or with finished products such as free-standing partitions, rollers blinds and lamella curtains.

There are several variations available:

  • Micro-perforated polycarbonate foil. Properties:
    thickness: 0.1 mm
    perforation: diameter = 0.2 mm; distance in between= 2 mm
    max. width: 1.25 m
    design: transparent/translucent/printed(silver design)
  • Micro-perforated ETFE foil (Teflon). Properties:
    thickness: 0.1 mm
    perforation: diameter = 0.2mm; distance in between= 2mm
    max. width: 1.5 m
    design: transparent/printed
  • Barrisol Microsorber-Foil. Properties:
    thickness: 0.17 mm
    perforation: diameter = 0.15 mm; distance in between= 2 mm
    max. width: 1.5 m
    design: white/coloured/translucent

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