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Mogu PLUMA is a new collection of 100% circular, slim wall covering panels, with sound absorbing properties. A pioneering product capable of providing an innovative and natural look to all interiors, while enhancing the everyday life thanks to its unique aesthetics and acoustic performance. The distinctive feature of these panels is the complete possibility of customisation, making them not only a valid alternative to normal wall finishes, but also a design product capable of renewing any type of space, without forgetting the technical performance of the mycelium.

The Mogu design team has developed four different textures inspired by the perfect shapes of nature: Reed, Leaves Needles and Mycelium. Unique creations capable of flexible adaptations, to harmoniously enhance all types of surroundings. One of the unique features of the textures developed at Mogu is that they have been designed to perfectly match, even when the panels are rotated. Thanks to latest innovation implemented, the customization possibilities of PLUMA panels become endless. It is in fact possible to imprint the customers’ own texture on the mycelium, to obtain a completely customized and unique product.

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