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Mosaico and Mosaico Damasco consists of small flat glass mirrors assembled in panels. Several patterns are achieved by playing with oxidation and by the use of a “black” background, which evokes watery depths. Abstract coloured designs have been added to transform the mirror from its original function as a “medium” of images into a decorative element. The panels are particularly suitable for curved surfaces, pillars and stanchions or for creating images and shapes, framing, lining interiors but also to add a touch of colour to objects, garments and accessories. Cut from mirrors in Antique Mirror’s “Specchi d’Arredamento” collection, these mosaics are available in a very wide range of colours, reflexes and units. The panels are available in the sizes: 42.5 x 50 cm in a thickness of 2 mm and 1.25 x 5 2.5 x 2.5 2.5 x 5 cm. Other formats are available upon request.

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