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The Wooddéco Multiline tiles are made from maple, oak, walnut, sucupira wood. Each tile is approximate 17mm thick and consist out of 5 layers:
The first layer is the high-performance protective overlay which consists of 11 coats of tinted varnish.
The second layer is made from Noble wood with a thickness of 4.3 mm.
The third and central layer, has a balancing function, it consists out of Phenolic plywood board made from 100% birch.
The fourth later acts as the counterbalance with the same a thickness of 6.5 mm.
The fifth layer: is the waterproofing varnish. A pore-filler varnish which helps to ensure the compact plan.
The Tiles are available in the sizes: 60×60 cm or 80×40 cm.
Wooddéco Multiline tiles can be used for residential and commercial areas. The tiles can be installed floating without the usage of any adhesives as they are connected via the LockSTP technology.

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