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Tundra – Techno


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The Tundra and Techno Skai series have an interesting tactile surface with a rough techno like metal or carbon look. This skai is made from a 90% PVC compound with 10% PES/CO Knitting. It weighs around 680 gr/m² and is 0,8 -2,0 mm thick.
The benefits of this skai are; long lifespan, easy to clean, soft and flexible, good grip, elastic and scratch resistant and light resistant. It offers easy processing when stapling, sewing, gluing or nailing.

There is a wide variety of qualities and colours. The difference lies in the specific characteristics. Most Skai varieties are Saltwater proof, Bodily fluids proof, Disinfectants proof and meet up with several fire resistant standards.

The Tundra and Techno Skai series are really suitable for the use for different kinds of upholstery in the Healthcare sector, the Catering industry, Shipping industry etc.

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