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Xtreme Outdoor is an extremely hard-wearing leather that can withstand attacks from all the usual suspects such as dirt, chlorine, disinfectants, mould, oil, alcohol and ultraviolet radiation. It is virtually impervious to wind, weather and most of the abuse found in everyday use.
In everyday use, this leather has also demonstrated exceptional durability: it is 1.3 to 1.4 mm thick and has ultra-strong natural fibres with excellent tensile and stretch characteristics.
You can choose from 40 different colours finished in 4 different surface structures. With the patented ’Cool Leather System’, even the darker leathers stay cool when used outdoors.
Xtreme-Outdoor is a natural leather specialy designed for use in indoor and outdoor usage applications associated with fitness and fun: garden furniture, fitness centres, beauty farms and ocean-going yachts.

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