NanoStitch Extreme & Air


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Developed for medical grade compression, NanoStitch Extreme provides balance between compression and comfort and can be used for multiple applications. The special knitting structure together with a very high content of Lycra fibre gives the fabric a very high level of compression while at the same time being comfortable due to a square stretch of more than 100% and a second-skin feeling.

The lightness and breathability of the NanoStitch Air makes it the perfect fabric for first layer products. Due the fine knitting structure and the use of exclusive Nylon yarns the fabric provides extreme comfort and a second skin feel unparalleled by classic knits. While soft, airy and light as a breeze, the Air fabric still feels significantly rich on your skin. Th Air Fabrics are very breathable and dry 30% to 50% faster than a standard tricot fabric on the market.

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