Safety is a luxury


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- story by MaterialDistrict

In a world full of political instabilities, wars and terrorism, it is impossible to ignore our privileged position in western society. We might be able to freely roam the streets, but there are places in the world where this would be impossible. Bullets would fly, bombs would explode and danger would lurk around the corner. What if the same would happen to us, and we would suddenly not be so safe anymore?

“Safety is a Luxury” makes a statement by presenting a collection of protective garments: not for policemen, nor FBI agents, nor the military – but for us, ordinary citizens. It offers a range of different pieces of unisex ballistic clothing, where bulletproof material is incorporated into modern knitwear. A variety of different double knitting techniques in quality merino wool are developed especially to integrate the ballistic panels into different structures and layers, graced by colourful accents and various graphical rib knit textures. Therefore, besides being highly protective, the knits are also very comfortable to wear and offer a dynamic style to any wardrobe.

In collaboration with Knitwearlab & ProteQ Bodygear.

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