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This material is no longer available.

This wall cladding is made in the Far East by craftsmen. Plant fibers are harvested and selected by hand, washed, dried and bleached in the sun. They are collected and tied in small bundles before they are woven by hand on ancestral looms. The entire process is done by hand.

Depending on the fibers used, a good craftsman is able to weave about 75 cm per hour. When the weaving is completed, the wall covering is ready for dyeing. The dye is applied with brushes. This method, along with the use of natural fibers and small-scale production result in a wallcovering with natural irregularities in texture and colour. Natural wallcovering is available in sizes of 90 x 550 cm.

These wallcovering and produced by Netherlands-based company Eijffinger. Founded in 1875, Eijffinger has become an internationally operating converter in wallcoverings and fabrics. Eijffinger started trading in The Hague where interior products such as wallpaper and trimmings were delivered to the upper class. Soon the combination of unique wallpaper designs, reliable service, good quality and broad distribution in Holland resulted into an impressive market share. During the last 135 years Eijffinger has survived world wars, various economic crises and the rise of do-it-yourself markets. Throughout, Eijffinger has continuously developed exclusive and surprising collections which provide a distinct and characteristic interior decoration for each individual.

In Eijffinger’s own creative studio industrial designers develop new wallpaper and fabric collections. Therefore, Eijffinger is leader in the world of interior décor.

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