Micro Perforated Veneer


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A whole new perception of veneer can be created with the use of micro perforations. Micro perforated veneer has perforations of only Ø1,5 mm and 5 mm centre-to-centre (ctc), thus enabling the structure of the veneer to remain completely visible, while at the same time providing effective sound absorption.

Acoustic perforations of Ø5, Ø7, Ø8 or Ø9 mm and with a ctc distance of 16, 32 or 64 mm are suitable for creating mosaic patterns and these various patterns can be used together to form a unique design.

Acoustic grooves of Ø8 mm with a ctc distance of 24, 32 or 48 mm inspire special combinations, while the panels can also be placed perpendicularly to one another, thereby creating a distinctive pattern.

In addition to circular perforations, micro perforated veneer with square perforations and a ctc distance of 32 mm is also possible.

In addition to enhanced acoustic properties, wood is used efficiently in the production of micro perforated veneer. Due to modern production methods, around 800-1000 m2 of veneer can be produced from 1 m3 of wood. Veneer sheets with a width of 10-25 cm are book-matched and glued to form panels. Upon request it is also possible to produce slip-matched or mis-matched sheets.

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