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These exclusive materials are a combination of traditional skills with modern technical expertise and precision. Nature Squared’s surfaces are divided into material based collections. The vast collections consists out of a wide range of patterns, colours and finishes like:

  • the eggshell collection
  • the mother of pearl collection
  • the natural lacquer collection
  • the vines,twigs and grasses collection
  • the leaves, fruits & fibres collection
  • the shells collection.

The different surfaces come in standard sizes and configurations. They may also be ordered/customised in other dimensions or shapes to meet your requirements.

The materials may be applied on several kinds of substrate and they are equally suitable for both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional applications.

These products are made of natural materials from Asia and South America by highly talented artisans and craftsmen. The materials are by-products of the communities’ day-to-day activities, or simply abundant and fast-growing organic materials.

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