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All derived from renewable resources instead of oil, this biopolymer from which you can make packaging and consumer goods to fibers for apparel and even home or garden furnishings. It offers lots of disposal options and is more environmentally friendly to manufacture than the traditional petroleum-based plastics. Produced from 100% annually renewable resources such as plants, the product, Ingeo™ natural plastic, made from NatureWorks’ biopolymer, is a extraordinary polymer that shows a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
This polymer resin usage can be; clear, opaque, flexible or rigid. It provides a gloss and clarity similar to polystyrene. Like polyester it exhibits tensile strength and modulus comparable. Besides it resists grease and oil, and offers a good flavour and odour barrier. It provides heat sealability at temperatures equivalent to polyolefin sealant resins.
When extruded into a high-performance synthetic fiber, the resin is branded as Ingeo™ fiber Ingeo™ fiber is a manufactured fiber made from 100% annually renewable plant resources which is not oil. It combines the qualities of natural and performance fibers, offering strength and resilience and good moisture management characteristics, All this is balanced with comfort, softness and drape, making it an ingenious fabric innovation for both fashion, furnishings and fiberfill, as well as in a new range of eco-performance non-woven applications for personal care and garden textile applications. And the natural stain resistance that comes with Ingeo™ fiber make it ideal for carpets for the home, office, transportation and event and trade show use.
Ingeo™ innovations are made uniquely from NatureWorks® biopolymer.

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