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Soric Flexible Core

Lantor BV

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Soric is a polyester nonwoven material with a compression resistant hexagonal or random dot-printed (TF) cell structure. These pressure-resistant cells, which are separated by channels, contain synthetic micro-spheres. The cells do not absorb resin and therefore limit the total resin up-take. Since these cells are pressure resistant, they create thickness in the laminate even when pressure is applied by vacuum bag. The channels facilitate resin flow and form a pattern of cured resin with good mechanical properties and excellent bonding to the outer skins.

Because of these special properties and characteristics, Soric can be used as:
1. Thin core (bulker), adding stiffness, while reducing weight
2. Inter-laminar resin flow medium, eliminating the need for other (disposable) flow media
3. Print blocker (liner), that meets the most demanding cosmetic and finish requirements

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