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The new ICONICA collection is a reflection of how our world has changed since the release of the original ICONICA collection in 2017.

The ICONICA collection identifies a palette of 40 key finishes. These are supported by research carried out by Axalta’s team of colour experts and its in-depth understanding of the global built environment landscape. Such findings provide architects an desigers with clear, actionable insights to help inform designs that can withstand the test of time.

The arrival of 14 new colours to the collection, with new additions such as Grained Stone, Russet Scarabea, and Lunar Chrome, reflects the degree of change that we have seen over the past five years, following major disruptive events such as the climate crisis and the pandemic.

To help illustrate this metamorphosis, it has grouped the colours according to four key themes which embody the changing face of modern existence: Natural Crafts, Comforting Shelter, New Minimalism and Celestial Space.

Courtesy: Axalta Coating Systems

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