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Norament arago is the latest from nora systems for timeless elegance in all rooms. With the new rubber floor covering norament arago, nora systems has developed the ideal flooring as the backdrop for modern architectural concepts. With a subtle, tasteful colour spectrum and a marbled design, norament arago is created for use in high-visibility areas. Anywhere that requires a combination of extreme resilience with exclusive ambience, such as in lobbies, hallways, museums, or other public buildings, the rubber flooring shows its strengths. It radiates a sense of calm, and the natural appearance of the relief structure makes an attractive design element.

Impressive marbling
“norament arago is the response to the request from international markets for an architectural floor covering to complement contemporary interior design,” says Dirk Oswald, product manager at nora systems. In both designing and naming the new rubber floor covering, the product experts at nora were inspired by nature: “The name norament arago comes from aragonite, one of three mineral components in marble,” explains Oswald. Customers can choose between tiles with or without beveled edges in a thickness of 3.5 mm. One tile measures 1004 x 502 mm.

Like all norament floor coverings, norament arago is made entirely of rubber and makes an impression with the highest wear resistance. The look of the rubber tiles is maintained for decades even in high traffic areas. In addition, the permanently flexible nora floor coverings also score points with their good ergonomic and acoustic properties – a great advantage in buildings with heavy public foot traffic.

Spectrum of twelve tasteful grey tones
“In choosing the colours for norament arago, we intentionally selected twelve elegant shades of grey,” adds Oswald. “For floor coverings, the colour grey in all shades is more popular than ever.” Architects and designers have confirmed this in numerous workshops. These workshops have shown that the simple range of colours is more popular than ever before to give rooms a modern yet natural look.

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