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Colours create moods and influence our well-being. Architects are making use of this knowledge, particularly in designing buildings such as hospitals, universities and administration offices that exude a positive atmosphere. nora systems has recognised this trend and incorporates it in an innovative rubber floor covering. The 38 colours used for noraplan sentica correspond to the Natural Color System (NCS), which makes it easier to plan the overall colour concept for buildings.

The harmonious colour composition of noraplan sentica is the result of close cooperation between colour experts, international architects and the product developers at nora systems. Their aim with the new floor covering was to do justice to both future colour and design trends, as well as to the increasing demand for sustainable building and healthy living.

Sylvia Leydecker, a certified engineer from Cologne who specialises in corporate interior design, assisted with the final colour collection for noraplan sentica in an advisory capacity with marked results. The process started with a survey of architects from all over the world, from China to the USA. “The colleagues had said which colour trends they foresee being used for floor coverings and which colours they need to put their planning ideas into practice,” explains Leydecker. To combine the international, and in part rather different tastes to create a range of colours was a challenge which the team has successfully mastered.

The noraplan sentica rubber floor covering from nora systems has won the gold Nightingale Award. Inaugurated in 1990, the Nightingale Award is one of the most prestigious design prizes awarded by the healthcare industry in the USA. Named after the famous British nurse Florence Nightingale, the award is traditionally presented in the run-up to the Healthcare Design Conference.

Architects, interior designers und hospital facility managers, all of them healthcare experts, make up the jury. The award goes to innovative products that contribute to creating a hospital environment conducive to patient recovery.

The newest member of the noraplan product family, noraplan sentica, convinced the members of the jury in the category “Resilient floor coverings” in several regards, winning praise for its quality, functionality, wear resistance, design, sustainability properties and the excellent cost-performance ratio.

noraplan sentica has been on the market since spring 2012 and is already a great success. The rubber floor covering scores points on two accounts, namely for its harmonious colours and environmental compatibility. These two factors are especially critical for hospitals and other healthcare establishments.

Just like all other nora products, noraplan sentica consists of high-grade natural and industrial rubber qualities, naturally occurring minerals, as well as environmentally compatible colour pigments. nora floor coverings do not contain any PVC, plasticizers (phthalates) or halogens (e.g. chlorine). Consequently, noraplan sentica has been awarded numerous Green Design certificates such as the “Blue Angel for low emissions” and contributes to providing for healthy indoor air.

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