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This material is no longer available.

Blue is a line of tough, recycled glass. The hand-made material is made of from glass from curbside recycling and silica sand, which is naturally abundant. In particular, this glass contains between 55% to 82% post-consumer recycled content.

The manufacturer states that the Blue line uses new melting technology, which reduces energy use during production by 30%, while preserving the handmade beauty.

The toughened glass is freeze and thaw resistant, and has a high breaking strength. This means the material lends itself to installations for both indoors, outdoors, and submersed environments. The glass is also highly chemically resistant.

The glass comes in six monochrome colours: canyon, dusk, grasslands, oasis, polar and stone. These colours are mostly organic looking blues, browns, greys and greens. Also, four different blends are available.

The mosaic panels come in approx. 20mm x 20mm squares, in a brick pattern.

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