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Lumine is composed juxtaposed glued wood stripes with optical fibers inserted in between the stripes.

This material is available in two different versions as follows:
Simple Lumine: Suitable for doors and door-sets, partitions and wall panelling, natural or artificial light filters through the wood stripes.

Double Lumine: A thin layer of optical fibre with low tension power is inserted between two layers of Lumine. The light may be monochrome (white or color), multicolor (RGB), changing (remote control, programming…).

Available wood species used to make this materials are oak, beech, ash, sycamore, US cherry, US walnut, teak,  african mahogany, bubinga, wenghe, zebrano and more. Panel sizes are custom made, including cut out, assembly, resin inclusion, LED system, self-lighting system etc.

The diameter of the optical fibre is 0.5 mm and the width of the wood strips are 5 mm, 8 mm or on demand. The maximum length of one component is 3 m with a maximum width of 1.2 m. Panel thicknesses vary from 10 mm to 40 mm and finishes include satin varnished, stained or custom.

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